The hands down, tried and true, undeniable effect of an Audio Elixir listening session is it's ability release tension and reverse the symptoms of stress. The experience rapidly quiets your mind, calms your body, and dis-armors your nervous system.  

As you begin to listen, your attention shifts away from your busy thoughts. You become engaged with novelty and become fully present. Warm ambient sounds invite you to simply let go as the soundtrack gently evokes alpha and theta brainwaves.

According to neuroscientists, the effect of decreasing brainwave activity to alpha and theta states changes levels of certain brain chemicals like cortisol that regulate functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. Alpha and Theta brainwave also boost the activity neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins.

A 20 minute relaxation session has been described subjectively as "easily as rejuvenating as a 3 hour nap."