Audio Elixir introduces a new kind of immersive audio experience scientifically engineered to calm the mind and evoke a state of deep relaxation.  It is an innovation that integrates 3D sound technology with principles of neuroscience to create a novel alternative to mindfulness and meditation practices.  

AudioElixir is a listening exercise whereby you are seated in the center of a 3D sound system and immersed in a relaxing ambient soundtrack for 10 to 30 minutes.  As you listen, your attention shifts and you begin to notice soothing sounds coming from all directions around you. Your mind becomes calm and your body relaxes as you drift through an immersive soundscape of nature, melodies and harmonics scientifically engineered to guide you into a deep meditative state.

The Audio Elixir experience gently leads the listener into a unique head space in between the conscious and unconscious mind.  This natural state of consciousness is normally elusive and a fleeting experience, or achieved at will with years of meditation practice.  AudioElixir enables a person to easily and rapidly drop into this state and sustain it for a prolonged period of time.  

AudioElixir is best understood through experience rather than description


"I felt very calm & my thinking was very clear.  It felt like a fog had been lifted and I was able to comprehend and farm thoughts/ideas with a lot of clarity"

"By the end I felt very aware of my surroundings like a superhero using their powers for the first time"

"I feel very perceptive and am in a heightened sense of awareness"  

" I felt extremely peaceful and allowing.  I am aware that my metabolism and breathing have slowed.  I feel connected and content.  Present and in the moment."


(segments transcribed from feedback notes written by participants immediately following an AudioElixir session hosted at The GAP corporate headquarters in San Francisco, July 10th 2014)



                           A novel experience, people love it!