AudioElixir uses sound in a scientific manner to shift brainwaves activity for therapeutic benefits. The brain and consciousness are domains that we still discovering about scientifically speaking. Thus, we are cautious in making hard claims about cause and effect relationships when comes to brain functions. However, from a holistic and systemic lens we do know that there are measurable correlates between certain brainwave activity, states of consciousness, biophysical functions, and mental performance. What's more is that they are all related to each other. There are many entry points to feel better, be happier, and increase performance, but at the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviors is the communication between neurons within our brains.  

Neurons communicate via electrical impulses. The patterns of synchronized electrical activity among the billions of neurons communicating are referred to as brainwaves. Neurons are electrochemically triggered to release certain neurotransmitters and hormones at different brainwave frequencies. The range of brainwaves frequencies are divided into different bandwidths, or brainwave states (gamma, beta, alpha, theta, delta) which correlate to experiential states of consciousness, such as deep sleep, meditation, or focused concentration. Our brainwave patterns change according to what we’re doing and feeling. 

Research has shown that the rate of brainwave patterns can be influenced by an external stimulus, such as sound. Thus, by evoking certain brainwave activity via an external input, you can experience shifts in your mind and body. 

The AudioElixir experience is designed to evoke a brainwave state correlated to a more meditative state of consciousness (think like that of a Zen Monk) characterized by dominant theta brainwaves. Theta waves are instrumental in the release of serotonin, DHEA, melatonin, as well as the reduction of cortisol levels, and release of beta endorphins. Theta waves are associated with REM sleep, daydreaming, and of course, meditation.