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Audio Elixir is a founding member of Envelop.  Envelop is a state of the art 3D-immersive media environment.  It is a audiovisual system and performance space.  It is a living lab and center for experimenting different aspects of how, we as humans perceive and relate to sound, music, and vibration - Opening this May in San Francisco.  

We believe this sound system has the potential to transform the way people experience live music and sound. It is a 28.4 channel system, using innovative technology to move sounds above, below, and all around the listener. This pioneering sound system will be used for live performances, community workshops, and sound healing research, providing the San Francisco Bay Area with the cutting-edge experience of 3-Dimensional immersive sound. To an audience the Envelop sound system is a new way to experience sound, coming from all directions around their body. To musicians, sound engineers and sound designers the Envelop sound system is a laboratory for new surround sound possibilities.

 Envelop will be home to Audio Elixir's research and development track.  As well as a production studio, and venue for Mind-Float sound journeys and individual sessions.