Why do you come up with great ideas when you are laying in bed half asleep half awake? Or maybe it's when you are in the shower? It's because you have already put thought into resolving something, and when you stop thinking about it, the information is still being processed in your subconscious mind. When you enter a state upon which your thoughts aren't spinning and your not focused on task, you become receptive to new connections that can bubble up from your subconscious. New connections which are inherently more creative, because they aren't limited by patterns and conditioning of the thinking mind.

This isn't new information. In fact, many great thinkers and artists have known this for ages. There are many historical accounts of great minds such as Thomas Edison, Van Gogh, Einstein, and many others, who would intentionally access this state to farm creative insights.

Unfortunately this state is elusive, and harnessing it at will is a developed skill and usually takes a committed practice to achieve it "on demand". But what if we could evoke and sustain this state in a controlled environment...?