The human auditory mechanism is designed to perceive sounds originating from all directions, not just from one direction, as is our experience with stereo sound. We naturally process audio as a spatially immersive sound-field with directional cues as well as information such as surface reflections and distance. 3D audio refers to a technique of using specialized software and spherical array of speakers to re-create an immersive sound-field that mimics the way we hear naturally. It enables a producer to position and move sound elements around the listener from any direction.  Learn More >>

3D sound technology has great value for therapeutic listening. 3D sound technology creates a much more natural listening experience in a format closer to our native way of hearing. We psychologically relate to our outer world through an auditory 'scene' constructed through our perception of sound. Audio produced using 3D techniques can allow the aspects of an audio composition to penetrate deeper into mind and psyche. 3D sound technology also introduces a production and composition medium with profound new possibilities. The ability to work with the ear/brain functions of auditory localization and spatial tracking is a key access point for the effectiveness of the AudioElixir experience.